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The swimming pool was designed with the family in mind. It is "L" shaped with an eleven-foot deep end and two diving boards. There is a separate wading pool within close proximity to the play area for the younger set.  A large concrete deck, complete with lounge chairs, umbrellas, tables and gardens containing myriads of colorful flowers, surrounds the pool. The adjacent grass area is available for volleyball, ping-pong or sunbathing.  The concrete area is a newly treated surface that ensures cleanliness and safe temperatures.  There is a chair lift to assist those who need help getting in an out of the pool.

The Pool House has a locker room facility and a satellite kitchen that serves golfers and tennis players as well as swimmers. Qualified swimming instructors, doubling as lifeguards, are on hand at all times. The children are encouraged to compete on the swim team which races in the inter-club league during the month of July.

Surrounded by tall majestic pines, there always seems to be a cool breeze making it an ideal spot for families to spend a summer afternoon.  The pool is attractively lighted, creating an ambiance most delightful for Club dinner dances as well as private parties.