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To Our Guests

Guest Information

Members and Staff of Essex Fells Country Club would like guests to feel welcome and enjoy their time spent at the Club.  Many guests inquire as to Club rules regarding dress and appropriate etiquette.  The following information should help.  If you have any questions please call the Club at 973-226-3800.  A Staff member will be happy to assist you.

Electronic Device Policy:

Portable communication devices are not to be used in the Club House, on the Golf Course, Tennis Courts, Platform Tennis Courts or at the Swimming Pool.  At the Pool, tablets and electronic readers are permitted.  Your device must be stored discreetly and set on SILENT/VIBRATE while at the Club.  Communicating on your device (voice/email/text) is only permitted in the locker rooms, the designated phone room and in the parking lots.

Lightning Detection:

It is mandatory that lightning prediction and warning system rules be observed on the golf course, at the pool, on the tennis courts and at paddle tennis facilities at all times.  When the horn sounds all must cease activity and seek shelter.  No exceptions.

Dining Dress Code Guide:

For dining the dress code is relaxed casual unless event specified.  See description below.

Children's dress code is similar to their parents.

Dress Codes:

Essex Fells strives to create an attractive environment for all guests and members.  Neat and proper attire for all on Club grounds is an important step in creating such an atmosphere.  In this context, it is requested that men's and ladies' shirts must be tucked in at all times. Hats must be removed in all dining areas and must never be worn backwards or askew.  Women's dress hats are an exception to this rule.

Black Tie:  Men - tuxedo, no exceptions unless listed optional.  Women - formal wear.

Business Formal:  
Men - dress jacket with slacks or, business suit with collared shirt and tie/bow tie. Turtleneck, ascots, or string ties are not considered appropriate neckwear.
Women - dress, blazer with slacks, or skirt with appropriate top.

Men - dress jacket with slacks, turtleneck (not mock) or collared shirt - no tie.  
Women - dress slacks or skirt with appropriate top.

Men - collared shirt or turtleneck, dress slacks.
Women - collared blouse or turtleneck with slacks, skirt or dress shorts.

Relaxed Casual:
Men - appropriate golf attire, slacks, Bermuda shorts, golf shirt or turtleneck.
Women - appropriate golf attire, slacks, Bermuda shorts, golf shirt or turtleneck.

Smart Denim is allowed weekdays after 5:00 pm in all areas except for the Main Dining Room, Tennis Courts, and Golf areas.
Select events are labeled "Smart Denim Welcome."
Smart Denim defined:  denim of consistent color (whether ie. white, black, or blue) without any rips, tears, frayed ends, or holes. 
Denim may not be dirty, faded, shabby, or baggy. 

Golf Course Dress Code

Players must wear collared shirts. Only Bermuda shorts are acceptable. Jeans and cargo shorts are never permitted on the golf course.

Pool Dress Code

Street attire must be worn to and from the Pool.

Tennis Dress Code

All players, regardless of age, shall wear traditional white attire on the Devon Road courts. Tennis shoes are mandatory.

Paddle Tennis Dress Code

Sneakers or similar type footwear must be worn at all time.

Unacceptable Attire:

Tee shirts, tank tops, bathing or gym attire, sweat suits, cargo pants or shorts, denims (weekdays before 5:00 pm nor weekends). Shoes must be worn at all times with the exception of the pool and locker rooms.  Swim attire is not permitted outside of the pool area.